Quality Mini Rex And Champagne D'Argent Rabbits

Welcome to Foster Rabbit Ranch.  We are a small rabbitry located in central Iowa.  This started out as a 4-H project with each boy having one rabbit each.  When they went to a sanctioned ARBA show they were told to get one rabbit each and the same sex.  They somewhat listened and came home with one rabbit each but Tanner had a buck and Tucker had a doe.  Then of course we had to have babies out of them and the rest is history.  The boys have started showing at some ARBA shows.  We only had Mini Rex until our County Fair.  The boys wanted some rabbits to go into Class 6 at our County Fair so they have bought a pair of Champagne D'Argents.  If you see something you like let us know as it may be for sale.  Feel free to check out our other websites.  The horses have always been Leroy and Diane's passion.  The Boer goats and chickens also started as 4-H projects and have blossomed.  Thank you for taking the time to view our site!  Visitors are welcome with appointments.  
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